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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The Killer of Hokages!

It has nearly been a week since Ino made it in to the heart of Suna to start her start her mission of finding out who this mysterious survivor really is. The weather though since she arrived had been the true story… it was one sand storm after another, but now it was a freezing cold night, with heavy rain fall. A real storm if Ino may say, but that didn't stop the blonde Jounin from walking through it. Taking it just step by step letting the rain soak her clothes and run down her skin to the ground. Her entire body was chilled down to the bone, but that didn't change her goal. She had one last attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery as in the morning the Medical staff here in Suna was going to take the person off life support in a show of mercy. It also didn't help that the others hadn't been able to find anything out about what happened in the destroyed village and they were all being called back to the Leaf for new assignments.

When Ino finally arrived at Suna's hospital she saw where the two guards were standing underneath the awning to keep dry from the rain on this night shift. She didn't want either of them to see her in this state as her make up was running down her cheeks and she looked like a soaked rat. However, she didn't have a choice, because if she tries to sneak in to the hospital and get caught with out signing in she could start a war between the Hidden Leaf and Hidden Sand villages.

"Hey! What's your business here?" The guard of the left shouted once Ino had come in to his line of sight. Which normally would have happened a lot sooner, but with the moon's rays being blocked by the blackened clouds and the low visible with wall of water falling from the sky it was impossible to see more than a few meters in front of their faces. Ino watched as both of the guards prepared to attack her for trespassing after visiting hours or at least they were until they saw her Leaf band around her waist.

"Oh, your that Leaf shinobi… I'm sorry!" The guard quickly apologized, as the last thing he wanted to do was get on the bad side of the KazeKage. It may be against Hospital rules for visitors to enter the hospital after dark, but by decree of the KazeKage… Ino was to have to full access to the hospital no matter the time of day so that she find out the identity of the burn victim.

"It's no problem." Ino said, she didn't mind, because they were just following their orders to the best of their ability in this weather. She was just relieved that she was going to be inside soon to where she would be able to clean up her make up a little bit and change in to some dry hospital scrubs.


Elsewhere, Sasuke's eyes flew open from his dead sleep as something started to gnaw at his very soul. His eyes were slow to adjust to the dim light thanks to him having to squint to keep the rain water out of his eyes. When he could finally focus on what was going on he didn't believe what he saw… Juugo and Sakura were knocking down trees and then moving them with massive strength, Chouji was using his Human Expansion Jutsu to push against the nearby dam that looked on the verge of collapsing, Sai was painting to the best of his ability in the rain to convey their situation to probably both Suna and Konoha, as Shikamaru was in the center of it all calling the shots. However, something was wrong and something was missing…

"Where's Kakashi and Yamato?" Sasuke finally asked, as he jumped to his feet and rushes towards Shikamaru.

"Kakashi thought he saw someone off in the distance." Shikamaru says, "And the two of them went off to investigate."

"Makes sense." Sasuke said, but that was the only thing that was making sense at the moment. As he was nearly certain that this wasn't just a raging river in the rain. There was something more diabolical behind it which gave Sasuke only one resource that he could use to get to the bottom of the current situation. Shikamaru nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the surge of chakra from Sasuke as he activated his Sharingan.

"What do you see?" It was Shikamaru's turn to ask the question hoping to find out a little bit of information that could raise their chances of survival. Sasuke though didn't answer him right back as he was focusing on the water and the dam to find what he expected. The water was raising thanks in part to the rain, but it wasn't what was attempting to break down the dam. Something, with a massive amount of chakra was physically attacking the dam in the hopes of weakening it to the point where the raising water would do the rest.

"I see chakra… and enough of it to where re-enforcing the dam isn't going to do a damn thing."  Sasuke said, callously as he knew from past experiences as to who wields the chakra that is attacking the dam. Which means that someone else is also nearby waiting for the perfect moment to strike. "Sakura! Juugo! Come here… I have a better idea."

"Care to share with me first? Shikamaru was a little flustered with Sasuke's take charge attitude as whether or not Shikamaru wanted it he was left in charge considering he is the most experienced Jounin of the group. However, it had more to do with the fact that despite being an S Ranked criminal with Kage level abilities for several years… Sasuke Uchiha in the eyes of the Leaf village was still a mere Genin!


Not to far away from the group, Kakashi and Yamato, where locked in to a deadly battle with a mysterious hooded ninja. Yamato finished with a series of hand seals, which results in a wooden pillar shooting up from the ground heading towards the hooded figure. However, the pillar doesn't get any where near the mysterious ninja before it catches fire. With the wood burning now, the hooded figure jumps away to a safer place, but he isn't there for long before he has to jump in to the air to avoid a sweep kick from Kakashi. Kakashi spins around and goes straight to a vertical thrust with his right hand which is holding on to a kunai knife.

The mysterious figure though reaches down blocking this attack by grabbing Kakashi's wrist. The Hooded ninja than blasted Kakashi right in the face with a kick that sending him tumbling backwards as his wrist was let go. The mysterious ninja lands on his feet and spins around connecting to Yamato's face with a back hand. Yamato stumbles away from the hooded figure as he drops what appears to be a wooden mace to the ground. However, Yamato turns in to a wooden version of himself before dispersing in to nothingness. The mysterious figure turns his attention back to Kakashi, but the silver haired Jounin is struggling to get to his feet. Suddenly five wooden spears shoot up from the ground and with out so much of a flinch connect with their target.

"It's no good Kakashi…" Yamato said, as Kakashi just nodded in agreement as they both watched as the hooded figure was replaced by a pale of wood. Yamato scanned the area for their unknown enemy, but he wasn't having much luck in finding the ninja as he started to worry that he had left them to go after the main camp.

"I know… there's something odd about him." Kakashi says, "My Sharingan hasn't been able to read his movements."

"The Copy Ninja, Kakashi, and The Copy of Shodai Hokage." The person said, with a voice that chilling for a multiple reasons. First off it was the tone of the voice, but more importantly than that it was who the voice belonged to. The voice of a man that was thought to have been dead… Madara Uchiha!

"How is this possible?! Sasuke and Naruto killed you!" Kakashi yelled, in his own defiance of that this man is the same man that helped founded the Leaf village, the man that was behind the Akatsuki, but the man that was said to have burnt to nothingness in Amaterasu by Sasuke. Kakashi and Yamato can only watch on in horror as the hooded shinobi pulls the hood back revealing his face: which is haggard by age and burns which are most like from Sasuke's Amaterasu. As it give them any reason to doubt what he was saying as they were staring directly in to the face of the man they believed had been finished by Sasuke.

"Kakashi… you don't think that…" Yamato started to voice the grim thoughts he was beginning to have, but he didn't get to finish the sentence.

"No… Sasuke can't still be in league with Madara." Kakashi said, even though he himself couldn't help, but wonder the same thing now. It was easy to believe that Sasuke had to returned to the village when they thought both Madara and Naruto were killed within the Amaterasu, but now with Madara right in front of them. It was becoming hard not to think that Sasuke and Madara ganged up on Naruto and killed him and came up with the story Sasuke told so that he could infiltrate The Hidden Leaf.

"Right… because if they were… we wouldn't be the targets." Yamato says, "The eight tails would be…"

"Exactly." Kakashi said, as Yamato's words re-enforced his belief in his former student change of heart.

"Bored now…" Madara said, as his hands flew threw a number of hand seals quickly. So quickly that Yamato's eyes couldn't keep up with them, but Kakashi's Sharingan was more than able to follow them to the point that he recognized them. Kakashi turned to warn Yamato, but it was already too late as stone spears similar to the wood ones Yamato had used earlier came out of the ground piercing Yamato's flesh. The blood was running down the stone freely and in abundance as the spears all had hit vital organs.

"YAMATO!" Kakashi yelled, as the stones started to retract from his body slowly and it didn't take the silver haired ninja long to know that he wasn't heard. Yamato's bloody crumpled down to the ground in a heap as his eyes lay fixated on Kakashi, but not really looking at him.

"That was easy… to bad Shodai Hokage didn't go down that quick." Madara said, as he smirked at Kakashi who was glaring back at him. Kakashi let his emotions get the better of him as he quickly formed several hand seals before dropping his right arm down towards the ground holding it at the wrist with his left one. Kakashi rushes forward attempting to drive the Lightening Blade through Madara's chest, but Kakashi's hand just goes right through Madara leaving behind no damage. Before Kakashi search Madara out his arm is grabbed and he feels chakra flowing in to his arm disrupting his jutsu canceling it out.

"Tsk… that was reckless. Didn't the Fourth Hokage tell you this move was too dangerous to use again run of the mill ninjas?" Madara said, coldly causing Kakashi to stiffen up as if he was just frozen from the inside out.

"How did you know that?" Kakashi asked, as his body remained frozen unable to move at all.

"I saw it… in your eye." Madara said, which just confused Kakashi even more, because with Rin implanting Obito's eye in to his own he has two eyes, but Madara was speaking in the singular sense of the word. After a moment Kakashi realized what he meant… only the eye he had been born with saw that conversation with Minato Namikaze on that fate day. Only that eye held those images in it, because at the time Kakashi's Sharingan eye still belonged to Obito and hadn't seen it up close and personal. Kakashi finally gets movement back to his body, but just as he pulls a kunai with his left hand to stab Madara with it… Madara with a violent twist of Kakashi's right arm snaps it in to two. Causing Kakashi not only to drop the kunai down to the ground as he fell to his knees in pain.

"You bastard!" Kakashi yelled, as Madara left go of Kakashi's broken arm with a smirk on his old withered face. Kakashi's eyes were both screwed shut from the pain radiating from his arm that he isn't following what Madara is doing next.

"You never stood a chance against me… The Killer of Hokages! Past, Present, and Future!" Madara exclaimed, before she shoved the finger tips of his hand in to Kakashi's left eye socket. Before a second later he rips the Sharingan eye Kakashi had acquired from Obito out of it. Kakashi quickly pulled his left arm away from his broken right one to cover the bleeding eye socket, but it was already too late. The greatest weapon and the greatest hindrance of his was taken from him a blink of an eye.

"…" Kakashi was completely speechless at the moment as he was trying to process what Madara said through the pain. He couldn't deny the fact that both the First and the Second Hokage mysteriously vanished from the village after the Third was chosen. The Third was killed in Orochimaru's attempt to over throw the village, but to Kakashi had always wondered why the former member of the Sannin choose that point in time to strike. The Fourth was killed when he sealed the Kyuubi in to Naruto, but again there was always that looming feeling that there was a mastermind behind it… That accounts for the past and present, but what did he mean by the future? Was he referring to Tsunade or was he… referring to Naruto?

"You know what they say… blind men tell no tales." Madara said, with an evil sing-song tone to as he drops the removed Sharingan down to the ground stepping on it squishing it underneath the sole of his scandal. Kakashi tries his best to kick at the elder Uchiha, but he misses by a mile as he's not used to the side his perception of his vision. Though he doesn't have to worry about it much long as jabs his thumb in to Kakashi's good eye with enough voice to gouge it out. Leaving the shinobi most aptly known as The Copy Ninja totally blinded.

"Why go through all this trouble to blind me? When we both know that you are going to kill me now!" Kakashi yelled, out in several directions as he couldn't see where the elder Uchiha was standing now to address him. Kakashi could understand him wanting to destroy the Sharingan to keep it from being plucked out and used by someone else against him, but his eye… it just didn't make any sense.

"Call me a sadist… now let's see how die from your own jutsu!" Madara says, before he mimics Kakashi from a moment activating the Lightening Blade as if he had known how to do it for years. Kakashi's face shows his fear of his impending death… he's actually pretty calm, because even though he won't be able to see the move coming at him he still has a couple advantages to his disposal. The first being that he will be able to hear Madara's approach thanks to the chirping like noise from the technique, but more importantly he will be able to smell him coming. Thanks in part to the fact that Madara's fingers are covered in his blood.

"I have one shot at this…" Kakashi thought, to himself as he waited for the attack that he knew he had take to some degree to hopefully land a fatal shot on Madara. Madara rushed up to Kakashi and thrust his palm in to the center of Kakashi's chest for the fatal blow, but Kakashi was just able to move enough to throw it off enough that Madara was only able to puncture Kakashi's right lung. Kakashi grabbing on to Madara's arm the best he can with his broken arm to keep him close just long enough so that he could grab and then stab Madara with the kunai he had dropped several moments ago. Kakashi had hit Madara squarely, but it wasn't a fatal shot like he had hoped, but he hit him in a spot that would severely raise the chances of someone defeating him now. As he had buried the kunai deep in to Madara's shoulder blade causing the Uchiha's left arm to go limp.

"Fine… I was going to show you mercy, but now you can suffer!" Madara said, as he pushed Kakashi down to the ground as the silver hair Jounin was starting to have problems keeping his breath. Kakashi didn't even try to get up to stop Madara as he heard the elder Uchiha being to walk away from him as he knew that it wouldn't do any good. Not only wouldn't he have a chance to stop him now in the condition that he's in, but also because he know that his body won't regain it's movement or feeling for quite a while thanks to the Lightening Blade's paralyzing ability.
Don't know why I'm uploading this now... I really was going to wait for the first of the new Year, but blah. Maybe it's because I've kept everyone waiting long enough.
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